Book Review – Business Model Generation By Alexander Osterwalder & Yves Pigneur

February 18, 2016

The book Business Model Generation has been around for 5 years now so for some of you it may feel like it’s a bit late for a book review. Yet in the SME world I think the Business Model Canvas, the visual image in the book, is rarely used.

Isn’t it funny that in most businesses everybody sort of assumes everybody else knows how the business works? Yet when you get the chance to ask them……there’s lots of gaps in understanding! Equally when a new business idea gets worked up there seems to be a lack of structure to build the idea.

business model generation

Business Model Generation provides a powerful visual approach to understanding complex processes with organisations. Here is the link to a 2 minute video that explains the Business Model Canvas.

The Benefits Of Using The Business Model Generation Canvas

  • It’s much more straightforward than a 50 page business plan;
  • It engages people, like a management team, in more positive and productive discussions rather than sitting round a table working through an agenda;
  • It flushes out new ideas to operate an existing business or set up a new one;
  • In one drawing, you have an understanding of the entire business picture;
  • It’s free to use, as long as you credit the guys who developed it – just download the canvas;
  • There’s lots of examples to explain how to use the canvas;
  • It can be used by a person start-up or a multi-national corporate doing strategic planning;
  • It is the perfect mix of creativity and structure – whether starting a new business, improving a process, or innovating your current way of doing things;

Plus, it’s a pleasant book to read, almost like a coffee-table book, full of great graphics and imagery.

If you can relate to any of the following then seriously consider using the Business Model Canvas:

  • Reviewing the assumptions underlying how the business operates;
  • Looking for process improvements;
  • Starting up a new business or product division;
  • Identifying key performance measures or areas for focus for the business;
  • Adding a new product to you portfolio.

There will be a host of other situations the Canvas will be really useful – please feel free to call me on 07790 615120 to chat through your thoughts, ideas and questions!

Enjoy reading Business Model Generation!