Who Knows Your Business Vision? In Other Words Where Your Business Is Going?

August 11, 2015


Not many SME’s tend to use a business vision – that’s for big corporates! But if I change the word “vision” for “this is where this business is going” does that sound like it could apply to any business? It still means it’s your business vision but it’s much more understandable to everyone within your business.

So, you’re the boss of you own business and YOU know “where this business is going” but here’s a question to consider: 

Do your staff have any understanding of your business “vision”?

If the answer is no, then how do you expect them to really care about the business or do things that will help you achieve the future you want for the business?

As I’ve talked about in previous blogs, you really need to be engaging with your employees and getting them involved in some capacity when creating your business vision, business plans and strategies etc, otherwise they won’t be on the same page and won’t feel valued enough to execute their tasks in order to achieve what is required for the business’s success.

This article from the HBR suggests a simple approach to communicating your business vision to your team. In summary:

  • Think about the audience – tune your message to what they care about most. Is it the security of their jobs or something that’s important to them?
  • Target the message to their needs – once you know what they care about then direct your business vision message to meet their needs;
  • Set out the actions that need to be taken including what they should be doing and why;
  • Engage their emotions – don’t just think logically.

We all know that when employees are involved and their input & opinions are considered then there is a higher chance of them giving their best in order to achieve goals & objectives and ultimately the business’s vision.

business vision, employee engagement

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