Building A Shared Vision

May 5, 2012

Using the structured thinking process, called Logo Visual Thinking (LVT), the SMT spent a day reviewing the material from the staff workshops and developing their view of the strategic priorities and initiatives for the next 3 years.

Collaboration and LVT

March 5, 2012

Three small businesses in Bradford, specialising in market research, wanted to collaborate on winning work that they couldn’t win individually. They had been brought together by Bradford University School of Management and encouraged to explore opportunities.

Reducing Lead Time

March 3, 2012

Safe-Move is the source provider of the Con29DW drainage and water search for the Yorkshire region. A drainage and water search provides information on about 20 standard questions. Safe-Move handles between 70,000 and 100,000 search requests each year, depending on the state of the region’s housing market.

Clarity for an IT company

February 20, 2012

An IT software company selling its unique product into the public sector led by two directors who knew the sector and engaged IT experts to deliver the product. The business had grown slowly after an initial growth surge yet the market appeared to be ready to buy more of the product so it felt like a time of change was on the horizon.

Stock Reduction

January 28, 2012

The management knew that the business held too much stock (in the warehouse and at merchandisers’ homes and vans). The summary process map and analysis below shows that there were two anti-stock out systems in operation to avoid running out of stock lines .