Case Studies

Building A Shared Vision

May 5, 2012
The Context

Foundation is a charity, based in Leeds, that works with people who may face social exclusion such as offenders, the homeless, domestic abuse victims and young people at risk. Many of its staff work out in communities delivering service at the sharp end. The charity has a three year strategic business plan, updated every year, and engaging all its staff in developing strategic priorities and initiatives.

The Issue

All staff had taken part in local workshop giving their thoughts to 4 questions developed by the senior management team (SMT) that were designed to generate new ideas and opinions. The SMT wanted to make sense of the vast range of responses and build a shared view that it could take forward in developing the strategic plan.

The Solution

Using the structured thinking process, called Logo Visual Thinking (LVT), the SMT spent a day reviewing the material from the staff workshops and developing their view of the strategic priorities and initiatives for the next 3 years. The LVT process encourages participants to share their thinking and debate the material, ending up with a high level of consensus, so aiding a clear way forward.

Building A Shared Vision

The Results

The SMT of Foundation UK now has a clear way forward in preparing its 3 year strategic plan and has found an engaging method to help build that shared vision.

Steve Woodford, CEO, said of the event,

“Faced with several pages full of issues and ideas from the fantastic engagement of Foundation colleagues at all levels, the LVT approach was brilliant to engage in a visual process as a way of distilling these into a more workable list. We found Peter’s input creative, knowledgeable and supportive, with a speedy grasp of our particular bit of the world”.

Building A Shared Vision