Could Your Hairdresser Be The Inspiration For More Creative Employees?

January 12, 2016


Would you like more creative employees?

When we hear stories about businesses like Apple, Google or Facebook there’s usually something about great innovation or creativity being a key reason for their success. And maybe you think that your business could never be that creative – your business doesn’t make fancy computers or software apps that the world desires. Nor are your staff bright-young-things with multiple degrees and experienced in start-ups.

Well I’ll challenge you to think different. And here’s some proof that….

Your Hairdresser Could Help You To Get More Creative Employees!

creative employees

It might sound a little strange, but Hairdressers are very creative people aren’t they? So why not take a leaf out of their book?  Don’t just trust my word for it though. A recent HBR article has shared research into the service creativity of Hairdressers. It revealed Hairdressers were rated more positively and more creatively by customers when they responded to customer feedback and provided new options and solutions. Perhaps you aren’t totally surprised by that finding – it’s not rocket science.

But you will probably have experienced service from call centres, service engineers or shop staff where they seem to work to a script that doesn’t address your situation or needs. The call centre person is being driven to end the call as fast as possible, the service engineer is targeted to complete a number of visits that doesn’t allow for any hanging around – you know what it’s like.

Encourage Creativity!

Often people are just on autopilot, doing things to tick boxes which doesn’t bring out the best in them nor deliver the best results to your customers.

Ideas let your customers know that you are thinking about their business and they will really value that.

So if you have call centre staff, service engineers, or any other staff who regularly meet customers then consider letting them be more creative. Drop the crude volume activity targets and encourage them to focus on the single most important target: making the customer happy and satisfied.

You may end up with some weird and wonderful ideas but depending on the customer that might be just what’s needed!

Get more ideas on making you staff more creative by watching this video about visual thinking and taking my 4 Disciplines Assessment that will give you a 14 page report full of ideas and best practice advice!