How well do your employees understand your company’s strategy?

May 15, 2015

Employees are a vital part of an organisations success & growth. But how well do they understand your company’s strategy? In the last blog I talked about how to ensure that your employees are on the same page as your business plan. But today I’m going one step further and talking about making sure they understand how you will achieve the goals and objectives set out in the business plan.

So let’s start with a statistic. According to Kaplan & Norton, creators of the Balanced Scorecard Only 5% of employees understand their company’s strategy! That is a very low percentage and if it’s close to reality then we can see why bosses struggle to make changes and growth happen at the front-line.

My last blog was about communicating and clarifying the strategy with front-line staff. Today I’m going to talk about about how to turn the strategy into real actions.

It’s a familiar story. Many people hate being told what to do all the time. They can often see more effective ways of doing things but tend to keep quiet if the boss is quite bossy or for the fear of their suggestions being in vain. We often forget that the employees are the ones that have the real hands on experience of what it’s like in the real world and they can take offence when they have a good idea but it’s not listened to or even ridiculed. Often employees views may be aired in a way which might come across as negative when in actual fact they don’t know how to get their point across in a more structured way.

Make sure you listen to what your employees are saying even if they do appear to be moaning as they might have a golden nugget of information which could be invaluable to your business growth.

employees business plan

If you involve employees in the business plan & strategy, chances are you will find out vital information about your business and they will feel more inclined to follow the business plan as they have been listened to and been a part of it. They will feel much more valued rather them feeling like it’s an ‘us and them’ type relationship and you will find they are more likely to buy into the plan which in-turn will help you to achieve your business goals.

Here’s some tips for bosses that will make action happen without them having to dictate how each action should be done:

· Set goals but let the employees work out how to achieve them;

· Encourage the employees to come up with ideas to help achieve the goals;

· Ask them to feedback their ideas and offer support and advice;

· Reward & recognise them for their achievements.

This advice can be easy to say but hard to do. Can you trust people to do the right thing? Will chaos be the result? The trick is to start with small changes, do it habitually and show everybody the benefits. As you will often hear me say “The secret to improving your profits is locked inside your business”

If this all sounds great but you don’t know where to start then maybe a reality check is in order? Take our assessment today and see where your business is right now to enable you to create your business plan for the future!