Quickly appreciating and understanding the issues. Knows how to make it happen

October 23, 2013

With so many demands on our time taken up running a business, it is ever increasingly more difficult, finding time to work ON the business, rather than just IN it. Peter knows just how to make best use of that precious limited time, whilst quickly appreciating and understanding the issues that face us and how we can best overcome them by creating a cost effective solution.

Peter also knows, the questions to ask, when to challenge our thinking, whilst also appreciating budget limitations and timescales to achieve our objectives and create a clear strategy to follow. He is also willing to adjust and suggest alternatives when we have reflected on our initial thoughts and realise that they may have been either too conservative or overly ambitious.

If you’ve always been going to start a new business plan for the first time or need help with a new project to meet your goal, contact Peter, he knows how to make it happen.

Roy Blacker, DipPFS
Owner/Adviser, LifePlanning Solutions