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Motivate your staff with a “Why Project”

Why do we do it this way? Common question. Why don’t we move into that market? Why doesn’t everybody care about this business? Only the owner really cares. Why did I start this business? Why isn’t everybody as motivated as me? I speak to many business owners and their staff and the “why” word is […]

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Outside In Management

Are mission statements impossible?

For an organisation to succeed there should be collaboration and understanding across all levels. But are Mission Statements really Mission Impossible?  For those of you who know me, this is a consistent theme of mine. But how do you make this happen? To put it simply, you need to gain an accurate understanding of the […]

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What's your score

How Does Your Business Score On The 5 P’s Of Clarity?

The 4 disciplines check I have been using for the last few years originated from Karen Martin. She is the author of The Outstanding Organisation and is one of the US’s leading business improvement experts. Karen and I share the same viewpoints.  She has recently released a new book that focuses on one of the […]

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Motivating people – getting beyond the money

A recent McKinsey Quarterly survey ( ) highlights 3 non-financial motivators with no less or even more effect than increased pay.  These ways of motivating people are free to implement.  They are also likely to improve business performance – they are: receiving praise from a manager – just getting some appreciation! having 121 conversations with a […]

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Staff Motivation vs Staff Engagement

Staff Motivation v Staff Engagement

  Whilst I was thinking about preparing for this blog I googled “staff engagement” and got just over 5 million searches. That’s a lot. But then I googled “staff motivation” and got over 46 million searches. Now that’s a lot more.  Why would engagement get so much less attention than motivation?  I pondered this for […]

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Deliberate Practice

The Art Of Deliberate Practice – Part 2

In my last blog, The Art of Deliberate Practice, I talked about discipline in business. I made several comparisons between sports people improving their performance through deliberate practice and how that would translate into a business environment. I feel this comparison is so powerful that I have put together another blog making the same type […]

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Deliberate Practice One

The Art Of Deliberate Practice

In my eBook I talk about discipline in outstanding organisations being a deliberate practice repeatedly performed. So, this means planning, having standard approaches to doing things, learning from mistakes and improving how things get done.  I’m a sports fan, especially rugby and athletics. In both those sports we have seen the growth in professionalism, everybody […]

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A goal without a plan is just a wish

A Goal Without A Plan Is Just A Wish

In my last blog on the subject of Focus I described a method of prioritising; simply putting tasks in 3 levels of importance. It’s a method that’s less sophisticated than the famous 4 box model of Urgent vs Important, but probably more practical for many of us. Today’s blog, still on the topic of focus, […]

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Watch Out For The Squirrel!

  As you will be aware, the work I do with clients revolves around 4 main disciplines in business – Clarity, Focus, Discipline and Engagement. Last month I explained why Clarity is important, so this month I will look at the subject of Focus in more detail.  I will talk about why you might not […]

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Good to talk

It’s Good To Talk…

  Following on from last month’s blog, I was trawling through some old HBR articles looking for more thoughts on the subject of clarity in business.   The article was a short story by a director of a school of design who had experimented with blogging to improve the communication with the people at the school. Transparency […]

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