Outside In Management Why Measure Financial Performance

Why Measure Financial Performance?

I strongly believe financial performance is a key value driver in businesses. But, the reasons to measure it are far greater than the bottom line results. I was speaking at an event with business owners recently and asked how many were planning on selling their business in the next couple of years. Only a few […]

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Exit Strategy

The Perfect Exit Strategy

You might’ve thought about your exit strategy from your business.  But have you thought about what the perfect exit strategy would really look like to you? For Philip Williams, past partner at hydroGEOPHYSICS, his exit strategy was about being approached by Schlumberger with a generous offer to purchase his geophysics consulting company. Philip and his […]

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Make Your Business Sellable?

As a business owner you might have aspirations to sell your business one day.  Even if you don’t you would benefit from it being more valuable.  Why not make your business more sellable today and benefit from that value now?  Let’s agree what value could mean to you:  Additional money for you – salary or dividends;  More time for you to do non-business […]

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Subscription customers drive business value

Sticky Customers Could Be The Answer To Increasing The Value Of Your Business

  Repeat or sticky customers are the lifeblood of your business, but customers can be fickle.  I come across a lot of businesses that aren’t maximising the potential of their existing customers and are therefore missing out on repeat business.  When it comes to business development, most companies go looking for brand new customers when […]

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Work Life Balance

Do You Want More Time For You And Your Family?

Isn’t it strange when you talk to other business people, they always say they are really busy?  They are behind in their workload, wish they had more time, etc. We have all been there at some time of our career. Yet, my experience as an SME business owner and working with similar owners, is that […]

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How To Maximise The Value Of Your Business

I hosted an event last week, How To Maximise The Value Of Your Business. The event was designed to help the SME business owner level the playing field, as they approach their exit.  I was supported by 4 experts who each shared their knowledge on different subjects related to maximising the value of your business: […]

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Outside In Management

Break Out Of The Owner’s Trap – Podcast

When you start your business it can feel that you are doing everything. From being the sales rep, delivering the service or making the product, doing the admin, etc… Gradually as you take on more staff you can hand over some of the responsibilities.  A business owner, at this stage, can start to make the […]

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Growth Vs Value

Growth vs. Value: Not All Revenue Is Created Equally 

When you look ahead to next year, will your growth come from selling more to your existing customers or finding new customers for your existing products and services?   The answer may have a profound impact on the value of your business.   Take a look at the research coming from a recent analysis of business owners who completed their Value Builder Score questionnaire.   […]

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Thinking Vs.Doing…The Business Owner’s Dilemma

There’s a steady breeze from the northwest, which cools the warm Caribbean afternoon. Framed between a palm tree and the turquoise water, you notice a man reading. He appears to be working, which seems strange given his appearance: shaggy blonde hair, linen shirt, surf shorts and flip-flops. You squint and realize the man is Richard […]

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Five ways to run without you

5 Ways To Get Your Business To Run Without You 

Through my many years of working with business owners, I find that some focus on growing their profits, while others are obsessed with sales goals. But have you ever considered making it your primary goal to set up your business so that it can thrive and grow without you? A business not dependent on its owner is the ultimate asset to own. […]

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