Clarity…What Does It Really Mean In Business?

If you Google “clarity in business” you will tend to get links to content about clarity in communication – written and verbal. And that’s probably what most people would expect when they first think about clarity. It’s all about getting the message across so the recipient can understand it better. In my eBook on clarity […]

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Managers Who Focus On Driving Results Can Also Drive Employee Engagement

  Too often I see Managers obsessed by driving results and forgetting about Employee Engagement, which can have a negative effect on those results. It is possible to drive results as well as driving employee engagement, by adapting certain behaviours and the best leaders can do both. I found this HBR article to be on […]

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Friends Jumping

Business Owners – Are You Getting Your Christmas Wish?

  It’s the time of year where many of us have a ‘wish list’ but when has that ever applied to Business Owners ? When I work with Business Owners almost all of them say things such as: “I wish the workforce would come up with more improvement ideas” “I dream of the whole company […]

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To Do List

Why Employee Engagement Should Be On Your ‘To-Do’ List

All this leadership and employee engagement stuff can seem complex or messy. We all have jobs to do, often too many to see the bottom of the to-do list! So how can you, as bosses and managers, be expected to do all this employee engagement stuff as well as everything the day job requires to […]

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Outstanding Organisation

How To Effectively Engage With Your Employees To Achieve Your Goals…

If you have been following my last 3 blogs you will know that I’ve been talking about 4 key business disciplines.  And so we move onto the final key discipline…engagement.  The discipline that will ensure that you have the buy-in from the whole team. The subject of staff engagement has been a major theme in […]

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Disciplined Approach

Does Your Business Need A More Disciplined Approach?

Have you got the right disciplines in place to execute your objectives… My 2 previous blogs talked about focus and clarity. The next discipline that you need in your business is…discipline! For clarity I do not mean punishment or any other forms of controlling a workforce! Discipline in outstanding organisations is a deliberate practice repeatedly […]

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Is Your Business As Focused As It Could Be?

  Lack of focus can mean your business isn’t as profitable as you want and you might not even realise it….   Following on from my previous blog about getting clarity in your business, we need to look at the next discipline…focus! The subject of focus in businesses seems to have two extremes: Having no […]

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Outside In Management

Have You Got Clarity In Your Business?

Lack of clarity in a business can reduce performance, often in an invisible way…. As the Boss you will, undeniably, have the drive and determination to succeed. You are expected to steer the business along the path of increasing sales and profits. To do this effectively you need clarity. Along your journey, you might have come across a […]

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Decision Making

Why You Should Involve Your Team In Decision Making

Most businesses don’t involve their teams in decision building, they go about their plans without communicating with the people at the coalface of their business. A great way to get the best out of your team is to involve them in decision making. Don’t stop reading! I know it might sound scary but once you […]

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