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How 2 Yorkshire Companies Increased Their Business Value – Part 2

As you will recall, I recently spoke with 2 Yorkshire Companies that have increased the value of their business.   In part 1 of this blog, I spoke with Chris Shaw from Overview Studios who explained how the Value Builder System helped to increase the value of his business.  In part 2 of this blog you will hear from Andrew […]

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Outside In Management - Business Value

How 2 Yorkshire Companies Increased Their Business Value

As part of this blog, I’ve spoken with 2 Yorkshire Companies that have increased the value of their business recently.  Everyone wants a valuable business.  Whether it’s to sell or not.  But how do you find out how valuable it is and what you need to increase its value?  The 8 Drivers Of Business Value  I work with the Value Builder System […]

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How To Differentiate Your Business To Give You Monopoly Control 

Monopoly control is perceived to be what the big businesses are concerned with.  In this blog I will be talking about how SME’s can differentiate their business to give them monopoly control in their marketplace. As I felt that this topic crossed over into the world of marketing, I also spoke to Ian Kirk the […]

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Outside In Management Calculating Your Net Promoter Score

Why Customer Satisfaction Equals Referrals

Customer satisfaction is important to all businesses to enable them to grow.  But there’s lots of other reasons too, referrals being one of them. Where do you get your referral business from?  You know when you’re out networking and you get asked where you get most of your business? In the past I answered that question by listing the […]

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Why Is Cash Flow Important?

It’s no secret that cash flow is important to a business and we’ve all heard lots of cash flow sayings. Something around revenue being Vanity, profit being Sanity but ultimately cash is King. We all know that makes perfect sense but ask yourself how many times do you do everything possible to improve the cash […]

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switzerland structure

Could You Be A Bit More Swiss In Your Business?

When I was a young student engineer I took a summer job working for the MOD in Portsmouth at a Submarine testing facility. Lots of fluid dynamics and testing models in massive water tanks! I stayed in a house with some European students including a Swiss guy, who invited me to stay with his family […]

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Why Companies are Adopting Subscription Models

You may have noticed a surge in companies that are now adopting subscription billing models.  There’s all types of businesses offering all types of subscriptions.  You may be familiar with the likes of Dollar Shave Club and Hello Fresh but even companies like Volvo have adopted a subscription billing model too. Volvo now make their […]

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Outside In Management Hub & Spoke

Hub And Spoke: Are You The ‘Hub’ In Your Business?

One of the first things I try to find out when I meet with a business owner is “Are you the hub in your business?”  Many of the business owners I’ve met over the last 10-15 years are the hub in their business. Imagine a business is like a bicycle wheel where the employees, customers and […]

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Business Growth Outside In Management

What’s The Best Business Growth Strategy For Your Business – Part 2

In my last blog I talked about the best organic business growth strategies. I guess the term ‘organic’ implies steady sustainable growth. Less risk but less return than growth through acquisition. Growth through acquisition can be a very viable option for small to medium-sized businesses. Especially, since 2008 as there are many SME businesses that […]

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Outside In Management Ansoff Matrix

What’s The Best Business Growth Strategy For Your Business?

Business growth is probably one of the most written about subjects on the web and in the media. Whether its about the economy and productivity or individual businesses investing in new technology, people or equipment. Never mind the number of finance providers, coaches, consultants or agencies encouraging all of us business owners to focus on […]

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